My Personal Code of Conduct as a Presenter

While I agree that codes of conduct are a great idea for event organizers to consider, I vehemently oppose using them as a way of policing who people are allowed to play with as presenters or attendees. Rather than rail against them and talk about why I think they are a bad idea, I am going to share my personal code of conduct that I follow as a presenter at events both large and small.

1. I will treat all attendees with respect before, during, and after the event. I will not disparage their rope work or questions.

2. I will promote risk reduction during my classes through explanations of risks and ways to lower those risks but I will not shy away from teaching risky topics. It is better to teach them in a safer environment with supervision than to let people work them out on their own.

3a. I will not use my classes as a way to seek out new people to play with but I will not refuse someone that asks if I am also interested in playing with them.

3b. I will not play with people that are in my classes that I am not interested in playing with. This is a disservice to both me and to them.

4. My demo bottoms will be treated as a valuable part of the class while we both model consent throughout the class. A section on consent will not start the class (with the exception of low level classes) as this does a disservice to the topic of consent which needs more than 5 minutes at the beginning of class but as it is relevant to the topic, consent discussion will be incorporated throughout the class.

5. Classes will follow the topics in the class description but I will adjust each class as necessary based upon attendee skill level and interest to ensure that students get as much out of the class as possible.

6. I will not be negligent of my bottom's physical and emotional state before, during, and after the classes nor during my play with my demo bottom or anyone else. This includes taking responsibility for any injury or consent incident that may occur and providing the necessary care as per the bottom's wishes.

This is a work in progress and may be added to or modified at a later date.